Let Persistent Systems migrate your product data with nearly zero downtime.

If your team is focused on delivering more and better products faster and for less cost, you need a requirements management system that’s built for today’s holistic, connected and collaborative development environments.

If your organization hasn’t migrated to IBM’s DOORS Next Generation (DOORS Next) for your requirements management platform yet, here’s what you’re missing:

  • Better manage your growing complexity with powerful, scalable configuration management capabilities that scale to handle multiple variants and versions concurrently.
  • A streamlined environment driven by standard processes, attributes and schema.
  • Faster deployment and lower maintenance costs through private or hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Faster, better decision making through intuitive data visualizations.
  • Improved productivity through modern, web-based user interface and comprehensive reporting.
  • Better user experience through customizable dashboard and notification management.
  • Comprehensive compliance and traceability through robust reporting capabilities.
  • Improved portability with the ability to tag, trace and map requirements across multiple projects.
  • Improved workflow through seamless integration with other applications in IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management solution, including IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Test Management and IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody- Model Manager .

But for many organizations, the thought of moving potentially millions of linked product artifacts from an aging requirements platform to a modern one – and the prospective interruptions and downtime that might result – can push that migration plan onto the back burner for good.

If your organization is eager to reap the benefits of a modern requirements management tool like DOORS Next but you don’t know how to get there, Persistent Systems can help.

The benefits of using Persistent Systems as your data migration partner

IBM ELM Data Migration Services

With the help of Persistent Systems, it’s never been easier to migrate all or part of your DOORS 9 or RequisitePro product data and artifacts over to DOORS Next – with nearly zero downtime – so you can begin reaping the benefits right away.

Organizations that choose Persistent Systems as their requirements management data migration partner have:

  • Reduced their migration effort considerably
  • Maintained focus on product development
  • Minimized their cost and risk
  • Streamlined their data sets, preventing needless clutter and optimizing their environment
  • Reduced the need to validate migrated data
  • Ensured that historical data and audit trails remained intact post-migration

Our clients achieve these benefits because of Persistent’s unique approach and migration model, developed by our more than 17 years of experience working with DOORS 9, DOORS Next and other requirements management tools.

This unique approach includes:

Full or partial migrations

With Persistent, DOORS Next migrations aren’t an “all or nothing” proposition. We can help you identify which projects and data would give you the quick wins you need to build momentum for future migrations.

Negligible downtime

Persistent understands you can’t afford to have your requirements platform offline, so we handle all migrations with almost zero downtime, ensuring your team can carry on without a hiccup.

Transforming your data, not just migrating it

If you’ve been a DOORS 9 or RequisitePro customer for long, chances are your users are wading through a widely-varying set of type systems, data schema and attributes, adding unnecessary complexity and slowing your people and processes down.

Persistent’s rules-based migration process streamlines your requirements environment by aligning all your artifacts and data to a central type system and standard set of processes, attributes and schema.

Full audit trail back to DOORS 9

Persistent provides a clear line of sight for every artifact we migrate, including link information to the source objects in DOORS, making it easy to browse history and/or baselines.

How can we put 17+ years of data migration expertise to work for your business?

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