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Excelling in the ‘new normal’ with integrated systems engineering

18-8-2020 at 2PM BST / 9AM EDT

Welcome to Persistent’s Engineering Digital Alerts – our regular webinar series focused on the world of complex product design and systems engineering. Throughout this series, our focus will be on delivering rich content on best of breed technologies, advancements, and industry news – all brought to you by business leaders, industry experts, and analysts. Our mission is to equip you with the most current and relevant industry news and information so that you can stay ahead of the curve

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Excelling in the ‘new normal’ with integrated systems engineering

Date: 18-8-2020

Time: 2PM BST / 9AM EDT

The ‘new normal’ has accelerated many of the drivers impacting systems engineering. Product complexity continues to rise – as does the demand for speed, innovation and resilience. All this must happen without compromising quality, testing, and traceability. Learn how Persistent and IBM are teaming to help engineers with an integrated, end-to-end development lifecycle model which provides a complete portfolio for requirements, modeling, test, and workflow management. Learn more about how IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management portfolio is evolving including the latest portfolio updates and product roadmap vision.

Presenter: Will Streit, IBM

Moderator: Michael Nees, Persistent

Requirement Quality Assistant on OpenShift: Bringing AI to requirements management

Date: 01-09-2020

Time: 2PM BST / 9AM EDT

Strong requirement discipline is foundational for systems engineering speed and quality. Learn how IBM Requirements Quality Assistant – now on Red Hat OpenShift for increased deployment flexibility – is harnessing the power of AI to improve requirement quality and decrease requirements review time by up to 75%. Hear how IBM is continuing its commitment to the Engineering Lifecyle Management portfolio with the integration of Red Hat capabilities.

Presenter: Galina Mishiev, Erin O’Connor, IBM

Moderator: Michael Nees, Persistent

Persistent Managed Services Plus

Date: 15-09-2020

Time: 2PM BST / 9AM EDT

Do you wish you could have all of the benefits of your systems engineering solution with none of the hassle? In this episode, we show you a holistic approach that will de-risk your Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) operations. Persistent has delivered ELM Application managed services for years and have a strong cloud practice with IBM, AWS, Azure, and Google. Find out how we support our clients with an end to end managed service.

Presenter: Bertrand Raillard & Munaf Patel, Persistent

Moderator: Karl Mulcahy, Persistent

Building a Digital Thread: Integrating Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Date: 29-09-2020

Time: 2PM BST / 9AM EDT

Increasingly most complex products today are sophisticated combinations of physical and software components. The best way to manage such a system is through integrated usage of both PLM and ALM systems. In this webinar, we will describe how to get started building a digital thread from systems engineering with such an integration, and what integrations provide the highest value.

Presenter: Geoff Clemm, Persistent

Moderator: Bertrand Raillard, Persistent

Presenters and Moderators

Karl Mulcahy

Karl Mulcahy

Michael Nees

Bertrand Raillard

Geoff Clemm

will striet

Will Streit

munaf patel

Munaf Patel

galina mishiev

Galina Mishiev

erin o'connor

Erin O’Connor

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